About Us

Our vision is to empower, strengthen and inspire women entrepreneurs to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Founding Board Members Lisa Burnside, Marianne Clyde, and Cynthia Legg

Be the Change Foundation was founded by Marianne Clyde to train and equip women to own their own businesses. The organization offers a 12 week training course twice a year offering classes in identifying your vision, branding, maintaining income and balance statements, as well as marketing, networking classes, and creating systems that work for your business. We also offer practical helps about identifying what kind of business entity works best for you, getting a business license and other legal ramifications of becoming an entrepreneur.

Our Alumni

Read more about how some of our former students are creating a brighter future in their community!

Flushing it Out with Samantha Spittle
Flushing it out with Samantha Spittle

Samantha Spittle, the introvert’s extrovert, talks to people so you don’t have to… for now. Samantha started the podcast Flushing It Out with her husband, Jeremy, as a way to share authentic, vulnerable conversations so we can all feel more connected and less alone in this world. Samantha also launched a video series exploring the Northern Virginia area in 2020, finding hidden gems for people to enjoy, safe social distancing.

Interviewing people has given Samantha insight in how people are able to turn their hopes, dreams, setbacks, heartaches, and more into triumph. Samantha has experienced how important it is to have a full “resiliency bank” in your own life to draw strength from when you experience hard times. She is passionate about sharing those stories with others.

Flushing it Out with Samantha Spittle
Skintology, LLC with Ciera Pennington

Owner of Skintology, LLC, Ciera Pennington, wanted an environment that clients would know more about their specific skin needs. With her expertise, continued education and love of skin, she created just that environment.

Ciera graduated from the Esthetics Institute of Vienna, Virginia in April 2014. She has her Virginia Master Esthetics License & is a Certified Lash Technician.

Flushing it Out with Samantha Spittle
Pamprints with Pamela Won

Pam Won owns Pamprints LLC, a draft and design business in Culpeper, Virginia. A Peruvian architect who was hired as a project manager for the woodworking industry in the DC area more than a decade ago. She eventually decided that it was time to start her own business, get to know the Culpeper community, and learn how to contribute and live a fulfilling life in the town she calls home.

When she contributes to a project, she feels the most important thing is to keep in mind all the effort, dreams and passion that every professional and craftsman puts into their work. She tries to honor all those involved in the design/build process by focusing on developing blueprints that are as accurate and clear as possible.

You can help!

We need funding in order to fulfill our goal to equip hundreds and even thousands of women to change their world. Your donation of any amount will impact the lives of women and their families in countless ways.